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A successful career in the Real Estate industry as a multi-million dollar salesperson, recruiter and office manager, was Joe Calvecchio’s start into the business world in 1984.

During those “dark” days, compiling and tracking data, revamping office forms and modifying the process of shuffling and archiving the large volumes of paperwork proved a major challenge. He often could be heard saying “there has to be a better way”.

The perfect marriage of Marketing and Real Estate was forged when Joe accepted a position as Managing Director and Corporate Vice-President of one the largest telecommunications companies in the Philadelphia area. It opened Joe’s eyes to the possibilities and advantages of several emerging technologies on the horizon for both industries. In 1987, he began educating, and during his stay he completely automated an operation that generated $183 Million per year in sales with multinational companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Profit was up 19% and paper costs alone were down 42% by the time he resigned in 1992.

Also during that time, when the PC industry was still in its infancy, and only a few thousand people even knew what the Internet was, his company J.N. CALVECCHIO, Consulting was founded. Through affiliations with budding technology companies and a brief tour with the Microsoft Corporation’s Eastern Region, Joe put together a full service technology consulting company. Through a lot of hard work, by a small team of solid professionals, J.N. CALVECCHIO, Consulting has grown into a leader in the market place, while still managing to be a grass roots enterprise.

In 1995 he was called upon to help get several real estate firms in the Delaware County marketed on the Internet. Within a few years those firms started to double in size, and then triple, and then merge. Today, almost completely servicing only one client like Tom Hayden in the Godfather, Joe and his company are the front men for CENTURY 21 Alliance’s Internet Marketing efforts. Together they have been responsible for the first full IDX web site in Pennsylvania, and proprietary showcase web sites for individual CENTURY 21 Alliance listings called “ListSites”, years before it was the fashion. And recently thanks to his skilled project management CENTURY 21 Alliance was awarded the TOP TECHNOLOGY COMPANY in it's entire world-wide franchise system,

With innovative insights, Joe has been called upon to consult with firms as far away as Texas and California, and local MLS boards are often looking to his team to sort through the really tough problems. Joe is proud of his company's contribution to the successful growth of Real Estate technology, particularly where the Internet is concerned. A strong team as a core, excellent affiliations with top quality professionals, and a focused Real Estate background has helped make it happen. Joe remains today, after 25 years, licensed to practice real estate – helping hundreds of families achieve their goals.

We invite you to try J.N. CALVECCHIO, Consulting for yourself and think of us as your "Partner in Technology Marketing".